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Hawgood Family

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Match 1 - Haywood

There is an exact match between a US based Hawgood and a Haywood whose roots go back to Henry Haywood of Hawkins county, Tennessee, born 1801. The match is 51/51, with another 6 markers matching with other Hawgoods tested. Normally this would indicate a common ancestor within just a few generations.

Match 2 - Haywood

There is another Haywood match, again exact with the Hawgood and also the first Haywood. This second Haywood’s ancestor was Charles Haywood born 1808 in Hawkins County, and is believed to be the brother of Henry Haywood above. Both Henry and Charles’ father may have been William Haywood of North Caroline, born either 1760 or 1765.

Charles Haywood appears in the trees of others as being a descendent of Francis Hawgood born c1620 in Gloucester, later known as Francis Hogwood, with subsequent generations adopting the names of Hagood, Haguewood, and Hagewood. This line of Haywoods does not however match genetically with other Haywood lines which are of a different Haplotype and it is therefore uniquely connected to the Hawgood line. In other trees, Charles is shown to have different parentage and descended from Haywood who lived in Barbados - the DNA evidence suggests that this line is likely to be incorrect.

Match 3 - Hagewood

There is also a match with a Hagewood descended from Francis Hawgood/Hogwood of Gloucester, with just two mutations present. The actual distance to Francis is 10 generations, and the mathematically most likely generation gap is calculated at 6-8 generations

Match 4 - Hagewood

A further Hagewood match who is descended from Francis Hawgood/Hogwood of Gloucester


Match 5 - Howard

There is very close match to a US based Howard who shares a mutation at DYS 391 (11 instead of 10) with James Haywood. These are the only two tested that have this mutation and it is likely that both are from the same branch of the tree despite the name variance.


Match 6 - Hegwood.

There is an almost exact match between this result and 1) and 2) above. This would suggest a common ancestor no earlier than 1750.


Match 7 - Haigood.

There is only one mutation at DYS464 from the Hawgood Modal values compared to the descendents of Francis Hawgood

Link  between Haywood, Hagewood and Howard - with Henry Hawgood of 1762

A Haywood descendant is an exact genetic match with a descendent of Henry Hawgood born 1762 and who lived in Dale, in Wales, and the Haywoods tested. We do not know of Henry’s parents but we know from DNA analysis approximately where he fits into the Hawgood family tree.

The interesting observation of the results of Haywood, Hagewood, Howard and the US Hawgood is a specific mutation at GATAA4 which is not seen in other Hawgoods branches. This would strongly suggest that Francis Hawgood is the ancestor of all three lines.

Francis Hawgood c1620 - 1676

(also known as Francis Hawkwood, Francis Hogwood)

Francis Hawgood moved to America from Gloucester, although this is not likely to be his birth place, around 1650, marrying Elizabeth Creed. His will shows his name as Hogwood. US records show numerous misspellings of his name and those of his descendents, including Hawkwood, Haywood, Hagood, Hogwood, Haguewood and Hagewood. Francis Hawgood was the ancestor of virtually all Hawgood derivative names that have been found to match Hawgood DNA.

Below are various extracts attributed to Francis Hawgood of 1620 :

Howgoode : 1652 - Surrey County records by Eliza Timberlake Davis

Page 21 26 Oct 1652. “Jno Gibbings and Francis Howgoode bind themselves to pay unto Wm Murrell the sume of eighteen hundred pounds of good tob”

Haughgood : 8/5/1661, 10/10/1661 - Charles City County record - Francis Haughgood

“Court proceedings:  Accusation by Peter Grey.  Court heard "sev'all circumstantiall exa'iacons to us presented.  Ordered FH taken into custody of sheriff until delivered by "due Course of law."  SE 10/10/1661:  many witnesses summoned by PG agst. FH, "to excess chg to Co., the law allowing but 3, and 3 being sufficient, paymt to the others suspended until pleasure of Gov. and Council is known."  [APPEARS he was fG]  SE 12/3/1661 judgt. in favor of Capt. Edd Hill agst. est. of Francis Haughgood for 4158 l.t.  SE 2/3/1662:  John Stephens ordered to pay Francis Houghgood 250 l.t. in 10 days.”

Francis Hawgood :

"On 30 JUL 1670 FRA. HAWGOOD WAS LISTED IN a second patent AS A HEADRIGHT IN A PATENT TO WILLIAM PEBLES FOR 473 ACRES on the South side of the James River in Charles City County, included with nine other persons ref: Cavaliers and Pioneers Vol. II, p. 74 by Nugent"

Francis appears in many US trees with descendants having various ‘H’ names. These versions of Hawgood, in particular a Haywood line, are not however related to most other lines with the same surname. It is likely that in the case of Haywood, that the name already existed in the US, and in times of illiteracy, that the spelling of a similar sounding and known name was adopted in error.

A number of trees on ancestry believe that Francis Hawgood's father was George Awood. There is no evidence to confirm this and indeed a detailed search of Gloucester records has not revealed any Hawgood families of the timescale involved. Bristol was a hub of shipping and it is more likely this was simply a departure point and not Francis' birthplace. There is no connection between this line of Haywoods/Haguewoods/Hawgoods to the Heywoods and later Haywoods living in Barbados in the 1600s.

Summary Hawgood family tree

The below chart shows all Hawgood and derivative names. The purple ovals showing the mutations from core Hawgood DNA

Matches to other surnames